From the grassroots Georgia Republican Assembly, Kay frequently receives “F”/failing yearly scores, even for 2023, and similarly bad (less than 50%) scores from the GA Freedom Caucus and the conservative John Birch Society’s Freedom Index — /

And on the major issues —

On the heartbeat bill — “Kirkpatrick, a physician, missed the vote on the heartbeat bill because she was attending a funeral, but told the MDJ at the time she would’ve voted against it.”

“They said the bill is unconstitutional, and as retired medical care providers, they opposed provisions to punish OBGYNs, physician assistants and nurses (women and pharmacists also could face criminal charges).”

Kay opposing the heartbeat bill and calling pro-life legislation unconstitutional undermines false pro-life claims from Kay, like Kay’s 2024 public ballotpedia claiming of pro-abortion Johnny Isakson as her legislative role model and Kay’s history of donations to pro-abortion democrats also do — don’t be deceived!

On Immigration, where Ben by contrast has a comprehensive plan to use facial recognition technology, state licensing requirements & e-Verify (on renting, driver’s licenses, employment & contracting) & enforcement to deter illegal immigration — on a bill to strip illegal immigrants of driver’s licenses “…the bill died in committee, 5-4, on Feb. 21. He and state Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick voted with three Democrats to kill the legislation. The supporters were all Republicans.”

On Religious Freedom & Gun Control — “The two agree on some issues, such as opposing “religious freedom” legislation and the new “campus carry” gun law.” Kay also regularly was one of the few “Republicans” in the senate to not cosponsor religious freedom bills in GA.

Even in March of 2024 Kay disturbingly created an amendment backing puberty blockers for kids! –


Even on CPAC’s game-able scorecards (vote conservative on little-impact oyster farming rules and then can vote liberal on major issues like abortion and immigration but still score conservative), you can further see Kay often sides with liberals as she got a more-liberal-than-conservative score in 2019 when she also opposed the heartbeat bill –


Yes, Kay has been a regular Democrat donor, including to extreme pro-abortion democrats like Ron Wyden of Oregon, and Ben’s claims are true.

If you want a Republican candidate who votes like he knows which team he’s on, Ben’s got you covered!

At, you can also see that Kay has also regularly raised hundreds of thousands of dollars each cycle, largely from corporations like Pfizer & Astrazeneca, and is that really what you want in a COVID mask-mandate / vaccine-mandate world? Can you share this website to help the people of Cherokee county defeat the corporations?

Further, you can see here that Kay voted to expand affirmative action –

And here that Kay voted to increase taxes and burdensome regulation (on rideshares) –

And here taxes were increased on Cherokee county hotels & motels – “However, the delegation did approve an increase in the hotel/motel excise tax from 6% to 8% for unincorporated Cherokee County.” —

Further, at a recent conservative activist breakfast, county commissioner Harry Johnston talked like the delegation would approve a 1% sales tax increase referendum on Cherokee county in a non-election year to help pay for roads (which after reinvestment to reduce property taxes is about a .15% tax increase on citizens by my rough math). To be fair, Cherokee has some of the lowest taxes as-is, but Ben has found a means, by cracking down on illegal immigration and its costs on our schools, etc., to help spare Cherokee citizens from tax increases, and even greatly reduce the property taxes of Cherokee & Cobb citizens while improving services.

Ben is not a corporations-backed doctor married to a doctor that barely lives in-district, but has lived throughout District 32, from near KSU and the Towne Center Mall in Cobb, to near 575 and Towne Lake in Cherokee, and he knows from first-hand experience what life’s pain points and kitchen table challenges are for the district’s everyday citizens and wants to help.

Like Jesus, Ben loves Kay, but he has a stronger values-match and vision for our district and for the future, and the abnormal concentration of government / tech skills to pull it off and generate massive savings for Georgia’s citizens. It’s time to vote in the nerd — It’s time to vote in Ben Paul Fremer on May 21, 2024!