Ben’s vision and the issues he works for:

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Pro-Life & Pro-Freedom

Ben has standard Republican positions on abortion, immigration, gun control & religious freedom. Ben also has a public trust clearance, and a conservative pedigree to match.

Jobs, Wages & Inflation

By cutting redundant government expenses (especially university professor costs by moving lectures to online recorded videos) and regulations and deterring illegal immigration with stronger state-level E-Verify + facial recognition, Ben intends to drastically reduce taxes, improve wages, help families, drastically increase education affordability & socio-economic mobility, & thereby reduce inflation.

Justice for Trump & All

Ben supports legislation to save Trump and others (including Democrats) from political persecutions. Ben also runs a local governments watchdog & voter guides organization to help achieve local justice for all, Democrats & Republicans, the poor and powerful, alike.

Election Integrity

Ben supports human-readable paper ballots being hand-counted at each precinct to help improve trust in our elections and reduce divisions in our state & country.

Fully Self-Funded

Ben is fully self-funding his grassroots campaign and is accountable to the voters and God - not big donors.

More-Direct Democracy

Ben is using his IT skills to enable a closer knowledge of how constituents want him to vote on each bill.

American Values

Ben stands against indoctrinating children with racially divisive and perverse teaching, and men in girls sports.

A Voice for the Voiceless

"Open your mouth for the mute, For the rights of all the unfortunate." - Proverbs 31:8 Ben cares and has drafted legislation to help people with special needs.

Americans First

As a self-funded people's candidate, Ben is not going to sell out his vote for the interests of corporations over those of Georgians. Ben intends to modernize the GA Congress schedule, too, so more can participate and run.

Georgia #1 for Business

Ben has founded multiple businesses in Georgia, and by working for justice for all with easier education access, helps GA to be the #1 state to do business in. Ben also intends for GA to be #1 for workers & families by reducing huge unemployment benefit wait times.

Divorce Reform

If someone is an adultery victim and/or a felony victim, it shouldn't cost $100,000 for their children to not essentially lose their good parent. Depriving justice shouldn't be a way to profit.

The estimated ~$2,000-$4,000/year in savings for each taxpayer (averaged) comes from educational system modernization (especially university costs, where redundant liberal professors and overinflated tuition subsidies are huge government costs to taxpayers, and easily replaced by high-quality recorded lectures viewable anytime online) and powerful state-level illegal immigration deterrence. Ben’s a certified IT cloud architect with a public trust clearance achieved in 2023 after a 10-month federal background investigation by 3+ professional investigators. Tax savings/value creation by government technology modernization is his forte. It’s time to vote in the nerd that actually cares about you and your family, and who can see the work through to completion.

Ben watched as his special needs daughter continued to be extremely severely mistreated by the government, and he learned first-hand how extremely bad things are in the government and political world for everyday people as he tried to get standard-of-care prescribed help for her as her ability to talk faded, and the people who were supposed to care and help, time and again, did not — the kind of nightmare he hopes to save many others from.

Ben is running to clean things up and do good for his fellow man, like Jesus taught him to do, as he’s learned there is apparently quite a market demand and opportunity for an honest politician that actually cares about improving citizens’ lives. Ben and his family regularly attend First Baptist Church of Woodstock. He is also a regular at Cherokee County Republican events.

Since becoming a Christian about twenty years ago, Ben’s tried to live like a technologically-empowered missionary. The global food crisis increasing the millions of kids dying from starvation has especially bothered Ben, so he hopes to do his part in politics to establish justice, peace and prosperity for all, to the glory of Jesus Christ. To that end, Ben is also a founder of a local governments watchdog, community surveys & voter guides organization to help ensure justice for the poor as well as the powerful (Amost 5:15a). Ben is a 1 John 5:18a literalist (“We know that anyone born of God does not continue to sin”), and he hasn’t willfully lied nor willfully sinned in about 20 years — since he became a Christian, and his Savior, Redeemer and Lord and His wise teachings are the source of his strength.

Ben is a product of Christianity, public schools (where he arguably had the top test scores in a top public school district) and honor-worthy hard-working parents who invested heavily in their kids and took him to church, benefiting him greatly. He is the son of a public high school math educator and an IT project manager who was also a Republican election-winner. Ben thus had a fairly mainstream upbringing, and was even on the University of Michigan football team. An Ivy League recruit, Ben has worked his way up from Home Depot toilet salesman to one percenter through hard work. He knows where the economic ladder rungs are missing and wants to fix that for fellow Georgians. We should have a representative who understands working class struggles and that is willing and able to look out for the people over corporate donors. His dad and all six of his uncles served in the US military or Department of Defense, and he’s ready to fight for the good of the country and the lives of millions of children with the zeal they deserve.

About Ben -

Honest Ben, Never Arrested & No Criminal Record​

He'd Die to do What's Right - Bodyguard of Black Lady Stranger vs. Sex Offender

Fighting for Children, Families & All of Us - Not Corporate Money

Jesus and I love you! Please mark your calendar, share this site, and vote on May 21, 2024 or earlier so we can do vastly more good together!